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Every day across America we send our most precious treasures off to our local schools where we trust they’ll be nurtured and enlightened. As each one is prepared for the future all of our hopes and dreams are focused on their success.  However the events of recent years have challenged the notion that our schools are the bastion of civility and security.  The thought that our little ones are vulnerable targets resonates through the hearts of parents across the nation.

JSG logo TMThe “Just Say Go” team is dedicated to preparing every student, staff member and parent on how to deal with the unthinkable act of someone entering our schools in order to harm our kids or staff. We ALL need to be prepared to meet the challenges of the potential for deadly violence in our schools.  However unlikely an event and difficult to understand, this topic must be addressed.

I would like more information on how to protect my school!

Doing nothing is NOT an option! Please take the First Step and request the soon to be released “Just Say Go” program preview.  JOIN our team of experts as we spread the word across American to “JUST SAY GO”

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Diane Gross
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THANK YOU for your input and sharing your needs as we finalize the development of these training tools. You are a valuable contributor to the JSG Team.  As we progress, we’ll keep you updated along the way.