BIT the Squirrel

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BIT the Squirrel

Codename:  CRAZY

BIT’s codename is CRAZY.  His squirrel species is “Classified”.  His education is “Top Secret” and all his accomplishments are “Undercover”.  Most of CRAZY’s top secret “Missions” went bad because CRAZY always got sidetracked helping out folks in danger along with way, which always ended up blowing his cover.  His commander, T.A.G. was tired of writing him up and putting CRAZY on probation for compromising covert national security missions to hunt down the “bad guys” but T.A.G. knew CRAZY’s worst problem was his huge large helping heart.

Before enlisting with special operations for national security forces in the United States, CRAZY was a freewheeling agent.  He always let his heart get the better of him; like when CRAZY secretly built the log homes for the homeless critters in New Orleans and Mississippi by moving all the locked up and heavily guarded wood resources off the nearby regional government shipping piers.  He was forced to attend a Congressional Hearing and answer to Congress, but his “sneaky good” behavior brought much needed fast relief and housing to a region in repair.

CRAZY was speedy.  He could climb up the trunk of a 200 foot tree, jump 50 feet to the top of a neighboring tree and be out of sight and mind in less than 3 seconds.  Training with the top special operations teams in the United States taught him how to survive the enemy even when you wear a red racing jacket as your uniform.  Why the red racing uniform jacket when you’re undercover?  Sounds sort of “crazy” you say… but not for CRAZY the Squirrel, as he had a secret need for speed.  CRAZY followed NASCAR on TV and when he was on assignment near a track on a weekend race day; CRAZY would secretly scramble into the stadium, find the starting lineup, pick out his “ride” and sneak over to the car during the opening ceremony while the drivers, pit crews and fans were saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  CRAZY was looking for a clean spot on the undercarriage of the racing car to apply a special glue (a glue only cleared top agents were licensed to use).  Next CRAZY wrapped up his thick fuzzy tail into a bulky ball and plopped his bottom to the car frame, attached securely by the tail glue.  The only thing left to do was to wait for the race to begin.  It was only by riding on the undercarriage that one could really see what went on during the race.