• JSG Toons Diggles


The Mutated Armadillo 

Diggles was born with nerdy intelligence but sitting and studying was not her learning style.  She learned best by doing.  That’s right; Diggles had to experiment to remember the principles taught in her lessons.  Diggles learning theme was:  “Do It” and her everyday codename was “Waves” because Diggles believed underground was the “hot spot for intelligence”.

Diggles loved science because it dealt with the unknown.  Discovery was always exciting!  That’s why she lived in unstable cracks and fractures deep underground.  It was the best place to alert the universe when potential natural disaster was brewing.  But she loved being asked to come to the local schools and work with the students in science class.

Being mutated at birth enabled Diggles to have the two distinct skill sets found in the armadillo world:  rolling and jumping.  Most armadillos were born with one or the other, but not Diggles.  She was mutated!   This meant that Diggles was not limited to choosing rolling or jumping due to birthright blessings.  Mutation proved to be an extremely valuable and coveted “survival skill” when Diggles traveled to nature’s hottest danger spots worldwide as one of the scientists on the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Team.  Most of the time the USGS team is wondering where that crazy little rolling scientist is because it was natural for Diggles to burrow underground in tunnels.

As a youngster, Diggles burrowed through the scrublands, prairies and tropical rainforest in Central and South America.  When she became a teen Diggles convinced her family to migrate to Memphis, TN, USA to live underground monitoring the movement of the San Andreas Fault Line.  This was a wonderful fit for a prolific burrower.

The town of Memphis was perfect. It was near the fault’s epic center.  Diggles studied for her PhD at UNC (University of North Carolina), Department of Geological Sciences.  Today Diggles has four (4) science minors from UNC (Seismology, Archeology and Oceanography) along with a PhD in Geology.  All this “Do It” studying and education landed Diggles in a place too cold to crawl; subarctic Alaska, USA.  There she was awarded a gold medal for deploying relief & recovery SAR (Search & Rescue) teams for worldwide earthquake disaster victims.  She is an honorary member of the NORDIC SKI PATROL.  Diggles is bi-lingual in Spanish and English.

On a personal note; Diggle’s favorite foods are Habanero and Thai Chilies and she is the world champ at the Zorbing Ball or “romp n roll” when at home.  She loves Aquaponics and plays the OBOE for the famous UNC (University of North Carolina, USA) Tar Heel Band. Her favorite pastime is playing with the UNC football team during practice as the “rubber football“.