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Glitter & GLO

Volunteer Recruits

Everyone knows earthworms live forever.  That’s why Glitter was a perpetual volunteer pro.  She was a well known philanthropist, a pioneer in the field establishing the worldwide Critter Conscious Foundation (CCF) to protect endangered species.  Glitter loved to live on the edge and experience new things.  But after her pappy didn’t return from the 3rd rain forest “Critters Got Color” scientific experiment in the deep jungles of the Amazon, Glitter decided to give up global causes to volunteer at her daughter’s local school in the states.  It was one week before school, the middle of August when the pair moved to Miami, Florida.  Allot had to be done to get GLO ready for school.  GLO wasn’t sure what grade she would be going into.  Being an earthworm she had been around a little longer than the other students her size.  To complicate things, GLO had many well developed outside, interest and talents.  She wanted to find a school that offered a great selection of extra-curriculum activities outside of classes.

GLO had a big history.  GLO was a stage hand, the key spotlight up in the balcony for the main stage at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.  Her natural glow was so brilliant that the technicians harnessed her natural color and radiance to spotlight the films stars, ballet dancers, playwrights and tango celebrities during their performances.  Interacting one on one with the stars gave her an opportunity to learn how to sing, dance, act and play 3 musical instruments.  But GLO was ready for a new opportunity.  She wanted to play sports.

On the first day of high school orientation, GLO signed up for the volleyball, soccer, golf, swimming, tennis and spelunking team. She wanted to try out for 4H and forensics but they were not offered until the winter quarter. Unfamiliar with the local area and anxious to learn about their new school, Glitter decided the best way to learn was to join the PTA.  She checked every volunteer box on the school volunteer form during the orientation night program.  The next day Glitter learned she was the official morning hall monitor, door chaperone for the fall homecoming dance; sports score keeper for football, bowling and Lacrosse as well as the backup judge for the debate team. It was going to be a busy, fun year living at the school once she got through the formal volunteer training program. However, one surprise was still coming, the responsibility for overseeing the building of the homecoming parade floats as the new volunteer for the woodworking department.