Meet the Toons!

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Meet the Toons!

Cartoons Tell the Story and Play Personal Active Threat and Emergency Management Strategies in School

If you’re a “toon” you can accomplish anything and if you’re a “toon” it’s not too risky to try different safety techniques and if you’re a “toon” it’s non-threatening to make mistakes while learning what is the fastest, safest and BEST options given an Active Threat or Emergency Situation at school

America’s Toon Team demonstrates survival procedures in the event of an Active Threat at the school.  Students and staff play bout real life simulated Active Threat simulations within their school and experience how to live out the REACT – ESCAPE – SURVIVE key principles to protect everyone at school. America’s favorite “Heroes That Care” run training operations in flexible online interactive school settings and are available for in-person rallies to motivate students and staff that school safety is assured.

Join our “Heroes That Care” in perpetual web based educational interactive and collaborative school Active Threat scenario games.  Set up fun certification activities both ON and OFF line for home and school, while engaging community, family and volunteer interaction with and knowledge of Active Threat Response Plans for their local schools.

Cartoon stickers, posters, workbooks, digital and table/cell phone resource memorabilia to remind students that Just Say Go saves lives.