• JSG Toons Nitro


The Police Pooch

Safety is in Nitro’s blood.  He was born in Windsor, a small town near the southeastern coast of Virginia, during the middle of a hurricane in the kennel’s bunker.  The bunker was constructed to withstand the 150 mph winds outside.  Nitro’s parents were both military K-9 detection dogs, celebrated heroes of Afghanistan saving 1000s of U.S. Marines from the treacherous IEDs meticulously hidden everywhere and anywhere.  Nitro’s father worked patrol for the German SEK and his mother was a dual trained explosives and narcotics specialist.  Nitro received the best of both worlds from his parents. Nitro had an in-depth understanding of any “scent” picture, able to recognize and work with or around factors affecting his nose or “scent cone” like wind, humidity, temperature, vapor pressure, convection and terrain.   Nitro could spot the “bad guy” or the “bad smell” while standing on a swinging platform in the wind or crawling on his belly through a tunnel. He knew the response when he found it.

Nitro was introduced to T.A.G. when a fresh group of green recruits came to the kennel to train for 3 months.  They all lined up and were introduced to the seasoned dogs.  Since Nitro had to “train his handler” he wanted to “sniff” out the best one in the bunch.  Nitro’s strong nose told him T.A.G. might look scary but his heart smelled sweet.   Nitro “smelled” the care and concern T.A.G. had for people and knew this potential dog handler would not be afraid to go after the “bad guys” to protect others.  This was just the high tempo, thrilling action Nitro was born for, (even though he loved being scratched behind his left ear).

After 3 months of training, Nitro and T.A.G. were officially a fighting team and they hitched a ride back to T.A.G.’s hometown to be introduced to the students at the elementary school.  Nitro can’t help loving, licking and nuzzling with the children, showing them he is their best friend, but when it comes to business, Nitro is never afraid to be the first on the front line, standing in an offensive position, ready and willing to defend those he has sworn to protect.  Nitro always gets his target.  There’s NO nose like Nitro’s.