Officer T.A.G.

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Officer T.A.G.

The Tactical Assault Guy


As a youngster in a small rural town near Chicago, T.A.G. had two dreams in life.  One was making the ‘SWAT Squad” and the other was becoming a “School Resource Officer” in his hometown.  He knew a 50 inch chest and 28 inch arms would someday pay off outside of being a football quarterback and soccer goalie superstar for his school.  T.A.G. was a team player throughout school and always demonstrated a calm hand and steady eye when it came to making the winning touchdown Friday night at the high school football game.  T.A.G. was no “smuck” at soccer either.  All soccer balls went flying at record speeds wherever he kicked them, giving T.A.G. the hands down record for the most goal kicks scored in one year.  He even won the MVP for common sense and great judgment while on the debating team in his middle school public affairs class. (We’re claiming that his size had nothing to do with that).

Upon graduation, T.A.G. started his career as a patrolman. T.A.G. began his training in Counter Terrorism, Hostage Rescue and Active Threat venues.  He worked in the big city school districts where he earned a promotion as a School Resource Officer.  Today T.A.G. is a lieutenant and leader of his regional SROS (School Resource Officer Squad).

T.A.G. knows how important his role is when it comes to explaining what law enforcement does and how to respond to law enforcement when they surround and enter the building in the event of an Active Threat incident.  It is important and serious business in the whole world.   T.A.G. always keeps his big strong and supportive smile reassuring students of safety and success.  Now as a senior member of the community’s Regional School Resource Officer Squad, T.A.G. is one of the most trusted and respected officers in the community.  He is an expert in every aspect of REACT – ESCAPE – SURVIVE and to this day he loves the job as much as his first day on the local SWAT Squad team as a trainee.  Nobody can say how many lives T.A.G. has saved over the years and he never bothered counting.  One thing is for sure, if you are in trouble or smell trouble, you want Officer T.A.G. to be close and help.

In trouble or smell trouble, you want Officer T.A.G. to be close and help.