Pinkie & Dinkie

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Pinkie & Dinkie

Medical Mice & Remedy Rodents

Back in the 1950’s during the Korean War, the U.S. Army was not big on drafting rodents, especially wounded mice left behind on the heavily fortified Korean front line, but Pinkie and Dinkie, a wounded mother and daughter used their keen sense of smell to find water dripping from a leaky floor in a medical supply truck traveling with a U.S. Army Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) Caravan. . As a mother, Pinkie knew she needed more than water to help her daughter, so she strapped wounded Dinkie to her back using long broken branches on the ground. She flung the remaining unused branches around the tail pipe of the vehicle to hold on tight to the top of the tail pipe.  It was a way to escape the falling mortar and find medical care and food.

When the U.S. Army medical unit stopped to set up the mobile hospital, they found the mice during a routine maintenance and security inspection.  The surgeons took the mother and daughter rodent team in and bandaged the two together so the 3 day old Dinkie could draw on her mother’s warmth, love and support to stay alive.  Today they are permanently splinted together and live by the slogan: two heads are better than one.  Pinkie and Dinkie were great assistants in the make shift mobile medical tents.  They learned how to quickly locate surgical tools when there was no time to spare.  They administered shots to the incoming wounded and stood as camp guards outside the surgical tent doors, poised to run and give the “signal” to the Colonel if trouble appeared.

At the end of the Korean War, one of the doctors safety vacuum packed Pinkie and Dinkie in a “life support organ” box and freighted them back to the states.  They lived with the doctor’s as his favorite guests house while studying medicine at Harvard Medical School.

After receiving a degree from Harvard Medical School, Pinkie and Dinkie jumped into volunteer medical research work for universities and schools.  Their first project was volunteering their bodies to the University of California for research on a cure for athlete’s foot.  Today the “Medical Mice” team is dedicated to working with school nurses in the schools to help children who are in need of medical care as well as working “in the trenches” with young children in the primary grade on health and wellness awareness and education.  Their school code name is:  “Remedy Rodents”.

On a personal note, Pinkie and Dinkie are Asian champs at chasing lightening bugs with large nets and designing contemporary art pieces and jewelry for undisclosed clients.